5 Apps you should Download for your Loan Application


A loan application can be a hassle, especially if you have hectic schedules. You might need to take a leave to work the papers and processes of your loan. Of course, it would also take time to consolidate all these, and you will need technical people to help you out. Good thing, technology has radically changed loan application these days, such as in the case of the home loans houston tx.

We now have apps which make the loan application and processing easier and less hassle-free. With just a few taps on your mobile device or computer, you can already secure your loans. Here are some of the apps you should download to facilitate your loan application easily. Take note. Most of these are free.


If you run out of cash before you even receive your salary, you no longer need to visit the bank in person. Brigit offers you the solution in just one click. It provides a loan of up to $250. And you can do that anytime you need money for immediate expenses. Brigit links with most banks and boasts of easy registration and fast approval. You’ll immediately receive money automatically when you have a $0 balance. The app will also give notifications when your balance changes so you can save hundreds in overdraft fees.

Speedy Cash

Speedy cash will quickly give you the loan you need in simple and easy steps. Any user can apply for a loan, and you have assured your payment’s security. After you enter the loan amount, you will be notified of crucial reminders. If you cannot keep up with the initial deadline set, you can modify it to suit your situation. Likewise, you can ask for a refinancing of your loan. Speedy cash also allows you to manage your account and follow current loan info.

Speedy Cash

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CashNetUSA ranks high among the loan apps based on existing customer reviews. It has a whopping 4,7 rating. It allows you to get an almost instant loan from your mobile device whenever the need arises. Yes, you can process all that in just a few minutes. The app also lets you check loan details, existing balance, and loan status. Whenever there are important reminders and updates, the app will send you notifications. By the way, you can use this when you are applying for bigger loans from platforms such as home loans houston tx.


If you are paid on an hourly basis, this app is for you. Earnin lets you use already earned income before paying salaries. It is a simple process. The user can request for an amount of up to $500, and it will go directly into his bank account. Interestingly, the users are given the option to decide on how much they are willing to pay after using the app.


With its doable and convenient technology, you should download this app. Anytime you’re broke before payday; you can access Dave and receive up to $75 advance. The app does not require any form of a credit check when giving payday loans. It has no interest, and you’ll only pay $1 for the monthly subscription. If you have a low balance, you’ll quickly get notifications.