A Comprehensive Guide to Security in Gated Community for Crime Prevention


The term ‘gated community’ refers to any enclosed residential area with controlled access. People love to stay in a gated community because of many reasons among which the security that these societies provide is the most prominent. There are fewer security risks of living in a gated community. There are few things to keep in mind to ensure crime prevention in a gated community.


Use the Right Security Equipment

  • Most of the gated communities make use of CCTV cameras to keep a tab on the entire area. These cameras are good to keep a tab, but then some steps should be taken to avoid any vulnerability.
  • They should be strategically placed so that the all common areas are perfectly covered.
  • The security systems should be regularly updated.
  • The passcodes for these systems should be strong and changed frequently. The default code setting should never be used.
  • There should be comprehensive video surveillance and it should be monitored round the clock because you never know when the crime can happen.

Maintaining It Right

  • Though the guards are present at the gates, the periphery should be surrounded by a wall or fence of minimum 7 feet so that no one can just jump in. It is better to have deterrents like barbed wires on the top.
  • The area might have many gates, but the minimum the number of gates you keep in use, the better and efficient it is to maintain security.
  • The visitor parking should be very close to the main gate as then the visitors won’t have the need to enter deep into the complex and interfere.
  • Ample of lighting should be provided in the exterior areas especially at the parking lot and the gates.

Gate Management System

As the entry and exit points in a gated community are these gates, there should be a proper gate management system.

  • All the residents should have community passes, which they need to show at the gate before entering.
  • All those outsiders who come on a daily basis like maids, drivers, and association staff should be given proper ID passes, which they need to show both at entry and exit and their time of entering and leaving the community should be recorded.

Following these precautions can help in keeping the criminals at bay and preventing the crime from happening in gated communities.