Air Umbrella Shoot Off The Rain With An Air Jet


Air Umbrella is pretty original idea, but it really works: the air throws away the rain, keeping dry under an “umbrella of Terror”

If you are not embarrassed to shake around what looks like a mixture of stick and cheerleader … an incredibly intimate ladies, then Air Umbrella is just the kind of gadget that makes it more exciting life. There are only 50 hours to become a backer on Kickstarter of this revolutionary scepter of power, thanks to its air stream away from us the rain, becoming a sort of invisible umbrella that keeps us dry in the flood.

Well, that’s if we move quickly, because it goes to the battery, and lasts 15 minutes in the case of version A, and 30 minutes in the larger versions B and C (extendable). The Air Umbrella is quite a deal of technology, able to perceive that the rain is light and slow down his jet, saving battery.


If you’re imagining how it works, well, pointing to the sky and he blows away the rain. The engine creates a flow of air which is deflected all around the user, which will be protected together with another person.

The developers have worked with the doctoral students of Peking University (Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and – point out meticulously – they tested the prototypes during the rainy days.

Let me tell you, I come from Trieste and frankly I do not know if this thing could protect from the rain combined with the wind, but certainly not sfascerebbe like they normally umbrellas canvas and metal. The creators have said that Air Umbrella works well with the most violent rain, but the wind defeated him as he would any other instrument rain.

In any case, it can cost a contraption like this? Pricing starts at $ 118 for the small model A. To it must be added $ 15 for shipping outside the US. Hurry up, that bad weather is coming (not that it changes much, Air Umbrella deliveries will begin in December 2015).