Are you planning to take the video marketing route to help your brand reach a broader audience in a less span of time?

Per the Aberdeen Group, “Understanding the Expanding benefits of Marketing with Video,” video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and have achieved a 54% increase in brand awareness.

It is a known fact that vision is our dominant sense, which is why even two lines on a relevant and creative image are seen as a powerful brand advertising tool. With the introduction of video making platforms and development of digital marketing strategies, organizations have realized the real potential of video marketing, time and cost-effective marketing tool that yields higher results.

Wondering how video marketing can help boost your business’s growth?

  • Relating and connecting to the target audience;
  • Boost sales and conversions;
  • Enhance customer engagement;
  • Enhance brand awareness;
  • Beneficial to the SEO

But video marketing being cost-effective is also perceived as a marketing tool that doesn’t require having to go beyond in creating an impact. Business think anything they will put out will steer their target audience towards them, which is not the case, and business end up making the following mistake which does more harm than good to their marketing campaign:


Yes, we understand that the ultimate goal is to appease and sell but to revolve your entire video around “buy now,” “best product,” “hurry” etc. is only going to tarnish your brand’s image. An effective marketing sales pitch is when the customer feels connected with the brand’s story. Create a story and connect with your audience. Do not turn your video into a sales pitch.


Of course, video marketing is your chance to get the audience see your products and services and know your brand’s worth, but you do not have to discuss the services you are offering in lengths to do that. Similarly stuffing the video with the message is only going to go bore your audience and they might skip the video in first seconds. Adequate content and the right technique to get the message across is sufficient to let your audience know your services. If you think you have a lot to share or say about your brand, we suggest you create a video series, which are becoming a popular trend as a marketing campaign.


A video marketing executed without proper branding is only going to keep your video in people’s memory and not the name who produced it. You might have a creative idea to present your products or services, but not branding yourself right on the video will defeat the purpose. Brand your business right by making use of call to action at the end of the video, which will help your audience know what to do next. You can also put your business’s logo, tagline or URL for redirection to your business.

As aforementioned and with the statistics pointing towards increasing consumption of video content and customer’s connecting to brand on a more profound level with their resonating videos, it is crucial that your business has a dedicated team of Inbound Marketing experts to manage it for best results efficiently.

But building a team from scratch is a massive waste of time and money that can be otherwise invested in meeting the objectives and goals of the business. This is why it is advised to consult a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Agency for ensuring maximum success with your inbound marketing strategy. Only a certified agency with a team of industry experts will be able to strategize and execute an effective video marketing strategy for your business, without wasting your time and money.

Planning to launch a product video that has the professional touch but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket?

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