Get informed about recharging the Metro card


The metro cards bring the customers with convenience of a Delhi Metro smart card along with the advantages of a credit card. Below mentioned are a few benefits of this card:

  • Auto top-up facility for automatically recharging the metro transit chip balance
  • 1% fuel waiver across HPCL pumps
  • Platinum benefits from Master card
  • 10% discount on travel fare at Delhi Metro
  • Saving up to 15% on dining bills at some of the leading restaurants across India.
  • 8 Pay back points on every auto top-up transaction.

It is believed that travelling through metro train has led to a convenient as well as hassle- free for the passengers and travelers across the city. This card is also available with a pre-loaded balance of Rs.100 on the metro transit chip. This is given, so as to enable the passengers to start making use of the card at Delhi Metro, as and when it is received by him/her.

The passengers can enjoy a discount of 10% on use of the master card on its every transaction. This card has an automatically recharging facility on the credit card that instantly recharges its balance, as and when it drops down. This card helps the passengers to enjoy a journey without planning a destination in advance. The pre-loaded amount of the card will be billed to their credit card in the first billing statement. The discount is provided by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. This is the same offer, which is available with the use of Metro cards.

One can easily make a metro recharge by sitting at their home without losing its comfort. This is the card, where the journey will be calculated and is based upon the entry station and station which they have made an exit. The passengers can make use of different applications that are helpful in making the online recharge by making use of their smart phones. The passengers can also get this recharge done at the ticketing counter of the metro stations.

Not only this, the smart cards help in saving a passenger to stand in queue for long hours. Also, it saves their time. The fastest way to get a metro card recharge is to make use of the online services and never turn it out of value. This recharge can also be made by making use of the AVM, i.e. the automatic value machine, which is helpful in recharging online. The online services offer the passengers with the quickest top-right from the comfort of their home.

This recharge can now be done in minutes. Sometimes, the passengers can enjoy cash back offers as well as special deals and coupons. These services have helped the passengers to get their card recharged without making any such hard efforts. This also enables the passengers to travel without planning anytime. The passengers can enjoy a discount of 20%, if travelling by using a card during non-peak hours, whereas they can enjoy a discount of 10% by travelling using the metro card.