How can a development agency relieve the company?

development agency relieve the company

Do you want to set up a company website? Check what tasks, apart from the website design service itself, you can outsource to a professional agency. It turns out that the contractor can do you in many different ways!

Why is a website essential in your company?

Having a professional website gives you unlimited advertising and sales opportunities. Thanks to the website, you can:

  • reach a vast audience;
  • acquire new customers;
  • accelerate the purchasing process;
  • constantly provide information about new products, premieres, promotions, etc .;
  • present the brand on the good side;
  • familiarize the customer with the services provided and the product offer;
  • collect opinions on the services provided and products sold.

Website design – why hire an agency?

Do you need a website for your business? Here are three strong arguments for establishing cooperation with an advertising/marketing agency.

1:Agencies have extensive technological facilities

When you order a website from a professional agency, you can be sure that it uses the latest software, servers, and plugins. Large companies have the means to invest in the latest solutions and technologies continually. They also regularly train their employees to stay ahead of the competition.

2:A whole team of specialists works in the agency

An agency is a team, not a single person. When a contractor is at an impasse and lacks ideas, he can consult his colleagues. Project completion time is much shorter than if one person working on the website. The agency’s breakdowns are also entirely different – if someone fails to fulfill a particular task, the project will be brought to an end together anyway.

3:Agencies provide their clients with comprehensive services at the highest possible level

Advertising agencies have a rather complicated structure. They consist of various specialists – graphic designers, programmers, content managers, copywriters, positioners, and marketers. By ordering the agency’s website development service, you can count on a complete final product.

Website development – what tasks can be outsourced to an agency?

By outsourcing your agency’s web design services, you can risk getting outsourced to more than just building your website. Most agencies have extensive facilities and specialists in various fields. Already at the stage of preparing the brief, you may be asked whether the service is to cover only the implementation of the website, or maybe also additional activities, e.g.

  • domain purchase;
  • designing a unique graphic design;
  • filling the created website with content sent by the client.

What tasks can the agency relieve you of? Those are:

  • analysis of website visibility and the effectiveness of advertising activities;
  • advising on legal issues related to the functioning of the website (e.g., concerning downloading data via forms);
  • an advertising campaign based on Google Ads and web push notifications;
  • integrating the website with other tools, e.g., an e-commerce platform or a dedicated mobile application;
  • site status monitoring, patching any gaps on an ongoing basis;
  • running a website, blog, and company profile on Social Media;
  • website positioning in search engines;
  • regular technical optimization of the website;
  • creating content for the website;
  • implementation of appropriate security mechanisms;
  • installing the necessary plugins.