How Technology Is Changing Us on How We Live


Ever since the technology was invented, it has not only made a significant contribution to our lives, but it has also altered the way we live. Today, our homes are completely different from how they used to be some years back.

For instance, we now have natural gas heating, central air, and other modern amenities that our forefathers never thought could one day exist. As if that is not enough, our homes continue to benefit from improved innovation as technology gets better.

Continue reading to find out other ways in which technology is changing our lives.

Housing and Lifestyle

One of the many ways in which technology is changing the way we live is through house lifestyle. Most of the items we use at home are automated. As a result, our lives are now more comfortable, safer, and organized. Talk of the computerized security cameras, door locks, and lighting control, among others.

Technology has also made a massive impact on energy use reduction. We now have appliances that are more energy-efficient than there before. For instance, you can find some of the best ceiling fans that use remote control. Thanks to technology, house cleaning has also been made easier with the best shark vacuum.

Improved Home Entertainment

Today, home entertainment is on another level, all due to the new technology. In the past, fun times could only live in your memories then later find their way to old fashioned photographs. Fortunately, with the rapid growth of internet mobile connectivity and networks, things have now changed.

However, the most significant change was the switch from videotapes to CDs and DVDs. You can now store extensive data in one medium. The advantage of this technology is that there is no risk of the tape coming out of the player. So, there is no risk of being damaged. It is also small in size, meaning that it is portable.

Another form of technology advancement is the introduction of LCD TVs. The current TV screens are efficient and of high quality compared to the traditional ones. So, you can now enjoy different types of home entertainment, starting from smart TVs to Xbox units.

Better Model of Communication

For the past ten years, technology has changed the way we communicate, particularly after internet invention. Nowadays, we have caller IDs, and you can communicate with more than one person at the same time. Before that, you could only pass a message through postcards, telegrams, or written notes.

Although there were telephones in between, the communication was poor. Fortunately, technology advancement came to our rescue through the internet. You can now send multiple messages instantly through emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, among other tools.

Better Healthcare

As you can see, it is apparent that technology has contributed to better healthcare. It has now become easier to treat conditions that were previously difficult to diagnose. With the high availability of data, doctors can now track the health records of patients easily for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Aside from the technological advancement in the hospital, there is the availability of apps that enable you to monitor your heart rate and weight, among others. Moreover, you can also access a lot of medical information through the internet to help you in improving your health.

Moreover, doctors can also utilize text messages, emails, and videos to consult their colleagues worldwide. In the end, both the health care providers and the patients get to benefit, primarily if they reside in rural and underdeveloped areas.

Education Convenience

Education is another aspect of life that technology has changed. For instance, there are many sources of information available on the internet that can empower you and also increase your knowledge.

Additionally, online classes are now on the rise, and most of them are free. So, you can now learn from wherever you are in the world.

Aside from that, students are now utilizing modern technology to enhance their learning. They are now using iPads to share presentations and visual lessons with their peers. For that reason, learning has become more fun, convenient, and efficient.

Smart Locks

With the rapid rise of technology, smart locks are becoming a reliable way of securing people’s properties. These locks do not require keys to open them. Instead, you only need various apps or passcode to control them.

Smart Doorbells

When it comes to securing your home, smart doorbells can provide an additional security layer for safety-conscious households. There are many products on the market. However, they operate in the same manner.

For instance, when your bell is rung, or its motion sensors are activated, you as the homeowner will receive a notification on your phone. The text will inform you that someone is trying to access your property. With your phone, you can identify the person and, if possible, talk to them.

Housing and Architectural

Housing is a significant aspect of our lives. With the advanced technology of 3D, architects can now produce better and detailed presentations. Although 3D is no longer new, its impact is still being felt.

In the past, architects worked with cards that could only be visualized in 2D. The other alternative was to create their work by hand. As a result, their work was average and required a lot of explaining to ensure that clients understood the details involved.

Although utilizing 3D in architecture is a complex process, it produces graphic building presentations in ready image prints.

So, clients can now have an idea of how their building will look like even before they approve the plan. Before 3D technology, this was not possible.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are becoming popular in many homes as technology continues to improve. The kit pieces respond to the voice commands to carry out various tasks such as playing music and weather forecasting, among others.

In that case, you can now control more than 30,000 connected devices starting from the TVs to lights and thermostats with the use of Google home.

As you can see, technology has changed every aspect of our lives. Although it also has damaging effects, it has done more good than harm. So, you have no choice but to embrace the changes in this modern world.

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