How to create a website and things to be kept in mind before making one


Here are some general guidelines you may keep in your mind before starting off.

  • For beginners or someone who is new to coding you can build one by basic HTML and CSS coding.HTML are basic and absolute requirement for building any web page.HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language which is a basic framework and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet which makes your page colorful and dynamic.
  • However, if you want to create a website more interactive you may have to take help of advanced designing software such as JavaScript, JQuery or PHP.
  • Now most important, one should use logic in web development. Keep the style simple and always use headers on the top of the page. Avoid using too many or too bright colors and font sizes. Heading should appear sorted by topic or by importance in nature. In general, your page should look uniform and consistent and in today’s global communication world avoid using designs or fronts that won’t be supported on a mobile phone.
  • One should also avoid plagiarism and copying and text, material or picture form any other source without permission. Your website or page must be both ethical and legal as per the regulation laws of your country.

Web designing is a very lucrative skill to have in today’s online savvy world. If you are really good at it you can make handsome money through client or startups. For a layman web designing could be a very sophisticated process but actually it’s pretty simple.