Load smartphones and tablets in a minute it will be possible in 2016


The future holds many surprises to the owners of smartphones and tablets: the batteries can be charged in a minute

Maybe someone could not believe in the existence of these batteries that recharge smartphones and tablets in one minute, but you’re talking about studies that the Department of Nanotechnology at the University of Tel Aviv is leading to a lot of time and which are certainly a step forward in the world of telephony and technology in general (also because – and this is even more surprising – it seems that the new batteries will be released by the end of 2016).

Everything has emerged during research on Alzheimer’s disease: the researchers found that a peptide (which affects neurons and causes disease) can absorb the charges much faster than the due, and it is from here that have been studied batteries he is working on not only the note StoreDot society, but also fifteen manufacturers: the aim is precisely to bring into the market by 2016 these batteries that charge smartphones and tablets in a minute.

Not tumorous that glitters, however: according to the findings of these investigations, it seems that the batteries in question will have less capacity, so it is expected a reduction in the total amperage; to make matters worse, you will need a special charger that should be able to load from forty to eighty amperes: values ​​which – as you know – do not belong to shippers that we know.

These are two flaws that do not change our opinion of these new batteries: after all, that the total ampere rating is reduced is not dramatic, since in any case the battery would charge in a minute or otherwise in no time; with respect to the charger, it is obvious that we must buy it and then pay more than you would expect.