The Translation Marketing Essentials: Guide to Flaunt Your Video Marketing


To lay it out plainly, marketing translation revolves around translating a few or the entirety of your marketing material that speaks about your brand’s values in order to capture the hearts and minds of your intended interest group. It could comprise of your site, social media content, podcasts, messages, or printed materials like brochures and newsletters.

This information is unquestionably a significant aspect of marketing. In the current scenario, customers have a plethora of choices available in the market, and it is now the primary need of businesses to outshine the crowded market. The way to accomplish this lies in the manner information is deciphered and the language that is utilized to make a long-lasting impact among the audience.

This guide covers nuts and bolts of translation marketing according to the association of German translation companies, to help you entice the perception of the international target audience.

Video Marketing: Why You Should Translate Video Content?

According to the latest report of trends presented by Wordstream, the most preferred form of content by online users is video. It elaborates that more than 40% of the active users on Facebook and YouTube, watch more than an hour of videos a week. However, what influences the choices of the videos that people tend to watch more is decided by the language that the video is in. People have a great misconception that translation marketing is restricted to the written pieces of content. However, the translation of video content is equally essential to gain leads across the globe.

With the vast diversity in languages spoken across the planet, the languages utilized to create content for online marketing have also diversified to a greater extent. Believe it or not, 60% of all videos with massive viewership on YouTube have people visiting from around the globe due to the presence of a translation option. Producing videos in just English Language restricts the viewership to people who only understand English, which is a total of 40% of the world population. Thus, despite investing energy and exertion in assembling fabulous video content for your crowd, 60% of the audience may not prefer to see it due to the usage of the English Language.

The Ultimate Solution: Marketing Translation

The unique way to outshine in the massive influx of video content is to curate videos that makes a connection with the crowd. Video content conveyed to a new audience with not up to the par translations will surely set your business onto the pathways to failure without even launching it in the new market. Thus, it’s substantial that you work with experienced professionals to guarantee that your video content meets the highest caliber.

It needs to be stressed that translating video content does not at all refer to the Google programmed subtitles; it relates to masterly crafted translations written by a wordsmith. The computerized inscriptions given by Google are rarely exact, which can prompt some embarrassing mistakes. While talking about Search Engine Optimization, Google’s closed-captions give no edge when it comes to organic search. And, that’s precisely why you need a professional translating marketing service for only an expert knows what’s the right thing to do.

Why Choose Translation Marketing Services?

There are different approaches to translating video content, including online websites that give you free translation services. Nevertheless, utilizing a maven translation service provider will consistently come up best among the different options. Human translators understand the context of the content, and likewise, correct any form of irregularity in a language and can decipher maxims or use idioms when required. Also, an expert translation service will strengthen the game of your content marketing by spreading some sprinkles of solid SEO terms.

Businesses need to realize that what bodes well in one language could wind up as complete garbage in another if it is not translated aptly. And using such gibberish content can surely attract loads of criticism on social media platforms, or can even become the next point of viral trolls. That is the exact reason why the help of expert marketing translation services is more than critical.