The unforgettable recipe |

business logo design

In a world with an abundance of options, with varieties overwhelming us on a daily basis, you sometimes need a break. It doesn’t mean you don’t apreciate the multiple choices you are faced with, it just means you sometimes want the simple and clear answer to all your questions. Easier said than done, no matter the field you work in and even more difficult if you’re offering products or services to others, that need to see you and like you enough to make a move. The variety you are sick and tired of is present in the life of your beneficiaries, so your image needs to make a statement from the beginning and stick with it, so no other options are even observed, not mentioning taking them into consideration.

So how should the perfect logo look like, one may wonder. Well, as for all perfect things, this ideal is in the eye of the viewer. There are some rules and tips to be followed, but it all comes to the creativity of the business logo design and the mind clarity of the beneficiary, as these make the fundaments of the future image.

In terms of shape, colour and other details, you should think about the consumers, as well about the impression you want to make, about the aims you have for the brand and about the practical aspects where it will be used. One thing is certain, no matter the business you own, whether it is a modern minimalist business or a huge corporation, the logo has to be something you are perfectly happy with, no „but”s, no second thoughts. Keep in mind a logo is there to stay, changes should not happen for a long period of time, if ever.

As for what to ask for, this is something very personal and it has to do with the most intimate details about the brand, its history, your hopes and dreams for it, the values it stands for and so on. This is where a brief comes in handy, as it has the mandatory questions/ingredients that you need to answer/fill in so the creative mind working for you understands what you need and what you want and combines them so you get the best out of both worlds.

Don’t rush into choosing something. They took their time to make the proposals, you should also take your time to analyse them properly. Talk to friends and relevant people, go to statistics and research a bit, as this is a capital decision for a business. Look at it like an important investment, one you need to plan accordingly and be 100% certain of.

In terms of delivery, there is no standard recipe either. Because it all comes down to the end result, to how big the branding efforts are, to how many attempts are needed in order to find the right one.

How do you know it’s the right one? Well, you know, as you know with all things that are meant for you… A logo designer pro  is the hand of faith and you do not question faith, do you?