Pay-per-Laugh or how technology can be at the service of comedy


The comedy and laughter are elements of our lives that we need to forget some extent some of the stress to which we are exposed daily, but what happens when the industry that is responsible for making us laugh in crisis? We can only rethink the strategy with the aid of technology.

Therefore, in Barcelona have been given the task of implementing a new initiative that seeks customers do not pay a ticket to enjoy a comedy show, but pay only for the laughs that the show has brought them, this initiative takes name: Pay-per-Laugh.

Facial Recognition to pay for every laugh

Pay-per-Laugh is a project of the advertising agency McCann Cyranos and the Teatreneu Club, both based in Barcelona, ​​and involves placing tablets equipped with facial recognition software with smile detection, yes, as some commercial cameras, such tablets are installed on the backs of each seat, with the intention of being in front of the face of every viewer and thus keep track of every laugh collected during the show.

Admission to the show is “free” because to enter is not required to buy a ticket, the price is disclosed at the end of the event, where 30 cents will be charged for laughter, this with a limit of 80 laughs for a maximum cost of 24 euros per person, so if we laughed more than 80 times, they will laugh no additional cost.

The project has been a success, with some other clubs have tried to implement it, but unfortunately the system installation requires a heavy investment that not many are willing to pay, but the few clubs to have it installed have seen their earnings were increased considerably since most people go to see the show in an attempt to “beat” the system and pay as little as possible.

Definitely an ingenious idea where both other parties, both industry and consumers win.