Why Portable DVD Players For Cars Are Great For All The Family

Why Portable DVD Players For Cars Are Great For All The Family

Going on long car journeys can be really boring, not just for the driver, but for their passengers too. If you tend to go on plenty of these journeys and you have a family you will be interested in ways to make the time pass faster. One option that is available to you is to invest in a portable DVD player. These are easy to find and buy, they are compact and they can play all of your favourite DVDs on them while you are on the move.

Keeps the Kids Entertained
This is probably the main reason why portable DVD players are great in car entertainment that can be used for all the family. Kids can be really difficult to keep entertained on a car trip and this can lead to them arguing and disturbing the driver. With a portable DVD player you can put on a DVD and your kids will be happy for the full journey without any problems.

If you have kids that like different DVDs you can buy two portable DVD players so they can have one each. This puts an end to arguments and means that both of them can be kept quiet and happy during the journey.

Low Cost
As the cost of electronic equipment is going down, so is the cost of portable DVD players. When these products were first introduced to the public they were quite costly, but it is possible to get hold of a cheaper model for less than £30 today. That means that even if you are working to a budget you will be able to get one for your car.

Easy to Transport
As the name suggests, these DVD players are portable which means they are easy to transport from place to place. Many, as the above photo shows, have a flip down top in which the screen is located. When the screen is down the DVD player will be the size of a thick book and most will fit into a bag easily.

Fast to Charge
Most portable DVD players have an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can charge in less than 4 hours. So when you know that you will be going on a journey you can charge the DVD player the night before and it will be good to go when you set off. Make sure you fully charge it for the recommended time before your first use and you will have plenty of power in it.

Car Battery
You might find that if you are on a very long journey the battery in your DVD player runs out. If this happens you should be able to use the lighter port in the car to run it from. All good portable DVD players will come with an adaptor which will allow you to do this, so even if the rechargeable battery dies you will still be able to play your DVDs while you are on the move.

Extra Features
Some of the more expensive models of portable DVD player will allow you to use memory cards, as shown above, with them. Others have a USB port which you can use to play films and music from. Being able to do this means that you can take more music and entertainment with you and it will not take up much space at all. To find out what extras portable DVD players have you will need to check out their specifications as this will tell you everything you need to know.

Remember that you don’t need all of these extra features if you are only interested in playing DVDs on the player. Sure, extras can be useful, but only if you are going to be using them. So if you are in doubt about buying Portable DVD players for cars buy a cheaper model and try it out for a while.