Talk to The Visitor at Your Door Without Getting Up from The Couch!

Talk to The Visitor at Your Door Without Getting Up from The Couch

However, it does not change the fact that, as humanity, we made an extremely great technological leap. Our technology today simplifies our daily lives and lets us have much more time to ourselves. A perfect example in this case are modern intercoms that allow not only to hear the guest, but also to open the door remotely. How is it possible?

An intercom that will open the door for you!

We associate intercoms mainly with devices for enabling communication between the household member and the guest at the door. In the 20th century, intercoms had poor sound quality. It was often difficult to understand anything due to background noise. Moreover, intercoms in those times did not provide a video feed to check who is at the door. Today, intercoms have excellent sound quality, as well as an modern and stylish design, so they match interiors decorated in styles such as Scandinavian, loft or industrial. Thanks to components with the highest parameters, voice communication in modern intercoms has entered a completely new level.

Are you looking for a good intercom? Choose 2N!

Today, intercoms of many different manufacturers are available on the market. However, the European brand 2N remains the undisputed leader. Their products are distinguished by the highest quality, as well as parameters that provide crystal clear sound. Their 2N Indoor Talk is a great example of how to combine modern technologies with a designer look. This modern intercom has a green button for picking up calls, a red one for ending them, as well as a yellow padlock-shaped button that opens the door remotely. Additional buttons allow to adjust the volume of the conversation, mute the intercom, as well mute the microphone itself. The 2N Indoor Talk intercom has been designed in such a way that it perfectly suits any type of interior.

By choosing a modern intercom from 2N, you can be sure that the quality of communication with your guests will always be at the highest level.