Link building through Wikipedia


Getting to have a high ranking webpage on a search engine could be tough and time taking but therye is a number of tactics you can adopt to make the process faster. One of the popular was is link building. Link building is the process of linking up web pages through the use of external links. This is what is a SEO company does. With external links, you can have your webpage connected to a high ranking or authoritative similar webpage on the search engine. This way you can get to increase visitation and drive up traffic towards your website. But this is only one among the various ways of building link. The very one I will be discussing on is building links through Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a popular website so it is a good platform you can have your webpage or a link connected to. The idea is to integrate your own link into a webpage on Wikipedia, how- Broken link building strategy.

A Broken link is an external link( usually located at the bottom of the search result on Wikipedia) that when clicked on gives error messages or results like” this page cannot be found” or “404 error, no results “. Have you ever gotten this when you click on an external link on wiki? It shows that there is a broken link and this is a good opportunity for you to fill in that broken link. On Wikipedia, broken links noticed by editors are labelled as “deadlinks”. This you will find enclosed in boxy brackets at the end of the broken external link. So how do you go about searching for broken links? You don’t have to start surfing the whole wikipedia results, it is surely going to be time-wasting.

You can easily search out deadlinks by using the search query “” deadlink“. The “keyword” in the query should be replaced with what the content is all about. For instance, if the content is centred around e-cigarettes Then your query will be, “”deadlink”. Google should display a number of wiki pages with deadlinks as search result. So you can begin browsing through each page as you sort for deadlinks. You could use “ctrl+F” to make it faster.

Now before creating new content and replacing the link with yours, you have to know what the original link is all about and that could be done by checking out the content the link leads to. This you can do that through the Wayback machine. On its page, paste the link on its search box and it’s will reveal the content to you. Read through the content and gain a knowledge of the content and see if you could recreate it. If so, recreate the content and edit the Wikipedia page to include your link.

Hurrah, you are done. So you can get more visits to your website through the wikipedia broken link building strategy. Do this in as many Wikipedia page you can find, it can never be enough. And if you already have an established link building style you’ve adopted, including wikipedia broken link building style will be a plus. Don’t waste much time again, make your website more available for users and drive more traffic towards your website. Good luck!