Sound LED light and speaker built-in Bluetooth


As we have seen on several occasions, today the technology points to the convergence, that is, the concentration of several functions in the same device. It also happens in the range L&S.

The LED Sound was established by the creativity and expertise acquired in the field by L & S. The Italian multinational company, based in Maron Brugnera (PN), has long specialized in lighting systems for internal dedicated out of stores and showrooms. The experience is combined now with the pleasure of the spread of the seven notes.

The solution of which we are concerned – that can find space in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom – makes it possible to combine the conventional aspects of an LED system with an audio function integrated, for a mixture of highly effective.

In practice, the light panel design marries the sound in a single device. With a speaker 2W combined with Bluetooth technology allows you to associate the most common devices to enjoy their favorite music and, at the same time, create the right atmosphere by varying the intensity of light from the lamp.

II LED Sound is available in flush or recessed total. Two versions: Standard, with a color temperature of 4000 ° K, Infrared, which allows you to vary the light intensity of choice and this, once selected, will remain in memory even after turning off the lamp; the Emotion, which has the homonymous connection system and power patented by L & S and allows, thanks to Infrared, to vary the color temperature gradually from warm light to cool light in a scale between 2700 ° K and 6500 ° K. Also in this case, the selected value will remain in memory after power off.

Technical features in pills

  • 12Vdc power supply;
  • 5.5 Watt;
  • Size: Built – 195mm x 117mm x 9mm; protruding – 187mm x 107mm x 11mm;
  • Speaker from xxxW RMS;
  • Switch Infrared integrated;