Thermometers also get smart


What they took us to the small temperature was a real bummer. Hold the thermometer under the armpit without that moved during those minutes of suspense was not easy for any child, and it seemed strange that no alternatives arise more “smart” in these times that mobility appears to affect all kinds of fields.

That’s where Smart Fever, a thermometer is still a project looking at Indiegogo crowdfunding and it’s an interesting evolution of traditional thermometers precisely appears. Especially because this development constantly monitors the temperature and sends that data to our smartphones.

The format of the thermometer is also very different to that knew, and takes the form of a kind of gauze which surrounds and protects the actual device with Bluetooth and with the necessary integrated temperature sensor. This temperature is sent to the iPad or iPhone-from moment no Android devices but promises support for this platform and web-support so that such parents can be informed at all times of what is the temperature of their children and if in case of fever is no need to take them to the doctor or the thing will better.

This thermometer, yes, you need to have an iOS device that comes close to the Bluetooth signal and relay it to act as solution to issue that temperature smartphones parents. The price of the $ 129 for 10 of these patches disposable thermometer with Bluetooth, and its creators have already exceeded the target of initial investment, ensuring that at least the first step to the final production of these devices.